We invite everyone on October 22nd to the International Polish Indoor Football Championship of Children from Care Homes. Everyone has the right to express their feelings. That is why we decided to call our Championship „Children Against War”, because children from Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Germany and Portugal, with their attitude on the pitch, want to show their opposition to the horrible war in Ukraine. Everyone has the right to a peaceful life in peace and love – which is why we believe that our opposition to war is justified.

We have noticed many times that football unites the whole world. Therefore, with this tournament, we want to tell the world that the war will end and everything will return to normal. Let us all repeat together: „children against war.” Twenty teams will take part in the tournament, including 9 from Poland, 6 from Ukraine and 5 from Europe.

We are convinced that it will be a great tournament of friendship and brotherhood of all children.           

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