When back in 2010 we invited the representatives of 25 children’s care homes from all over the country to take part in the First National Football Championship of Children from Care Homes, “Hope for the Euro”, we did not expect the event to be so much fun for the children. The games were full of joy and helped to awaken the spirit of sports competition.


After the tournament, the young footballers kept on writing to us that they had been training relentlessly to meet again in the next Championship. It was for them that we decided to continue our effort. In September 2011, we organised the International Polish Football Championship of Children from Care Homes “Hope for the Euro” where 29 teams representing children’s care homes from Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia, France, The Czech Republic and Russia met. The event was co-organised by The Capital City of Warsaw and the “Together is Safer” Program by the Ministry of Interior and Administration. The players of the Polish Artists Team were also the Ambassadors of the Championship, and Andrzej Strejlau, former national coach, was a content supervisor

Those two days were unforgettable, the children experienced many emotions, gave interviews for radio and TV, clashed with the actors’ team, and above all, they had lots of fun and made friends with their peers from Poland and Europe. Since we had a chance to observe how the passion for football can bring the children from various countries together, we decided to make our event even bigger.