III Football Championship of Germany

On Sunday, May 20th, the Lubeck’s stadium was a home to III Football Championship of Germany of Children from Care Homes.

The winner of this year’s Championship is Campus Kicker from Brandenburg. The team won a suspenseful final match against St. Jo-Soccers by 2-1.

The whole tournament was full of fierce rivalry, but above all else, fair play. Throughout the whole event there was absolutely no sign of rough and tumble play. In fact, it was quite the opposite – despite every team’s desire to win, they all kept it very friendly and showed mutual respect. It was an excellent example of what healthy rivalry should look like.

The award for the top scorer went to Jamil Firat from the winning team, the best male player title went to his teammate Mojaba Hakimi, Shana Domek was announced to be the best female player, and Maximilian Andre the best goalkeeper of the tournament. 

At the end of the event, a representative of Hope for Mundial handed over to the winning team a symbolic ticket to 6thFootball World Cup of Children from CareHomes, which will take place in July in Warsaw, Poland. 

Sincere congratulations to the champions and see you soon in Poland! After what we’ve seen in Lubeck, we are certain that Germany’s team is a strong opponent and could be one of the front-runners for the world’s trophy!

Final scores of III Football Championship of Germany of Children from Care Homes:

1stplace – Campus Kicker

2ndplace – St. Jo-Soccers

3rdplace – SC Diakonie Kastrof

Individual awards:

Best male player: Mojtaba Hakimi
Best female player: Shana Domek
Top scorer: Jamil Firat
Best goalkeeper : Maximilian Andre
Youngest male player: Jason Schlageter
Youngest female player: Mia Marie Dreger
Player with most competetive spirit: Kevin Mania
Team with most competetive spirit: Albert-Schweitzer Familienwerk

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