Let’s help Ukraine!

Whenever I wrote you an article about the Football World Cup of Children from Care Homes I was full of enthusiasm and expression. Unfortunately, the last two years have prevented us from organizing the Championship. Because of the pandemic we cannot organize the World Cup, but we are organizing the Championship of Poland. You are a great football family in the world, this is great force. I greet friends from Japan, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, Germany, Portugal and many other countries.

Unfortunately, our friends from Ukraine are affected by war. It is a terrible thing when our young players from Ukraine, instead of training and playing football, have to fight to defend their homeland. Some of them have lost their homes and have to evacuate, some are fighting on the front line. It is frightening, how yesterday our friends from the World Cup reported that they were sitting in the subway and making Molotov cocktails, fighting for the freedom of Ukraine.

That is why I have a great appeal to all those who participated in Championship and those who want to help children from Ukraine: maybe you have the opportunity to invite them to your home, as our friends from Portugal informed us. Send us videos in support of those you competed with at the World Cup and now they are fighting for their lives. You have to believe that the strength is in unity, so anyone who can, please send message, make a movie, collect money and help those great heroes that you fought with on the pitch, and now they are fighting for honor and homeland. We will pass all the support you offer to friends from Ukraine. Remember that friends are made in poverty, and there is nothing worse than war.

Let’s help Ukraine survive this difficult time by supporting them with all means. When in 2018 the team from Ukraine won the title of World Champion, I saw in these boys great fortitude, a fight for honor and great joy that they won the championship for their homeland Ukraine. It is a wonderful nation that will never give up. Let’s help them because your friends from the pitch are now in great need.

All information regarding donations, fundraising and willingness to provide shelter are available after sending an inquiry to the following addresses:



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