Polish, German and Belgian representatives

Polish representatives who will compete for the World Championship! They have a strategy, they have a plan and they have the best fans in the universe‼️ ️

⚽️Szymon Przybylski
⚽️Marcin Zielonka 
⚽️Adam Trebus
⚽️Dawid Łozicki
⚽️Przemek Gajewski
⚽️Maciek Mielczarek
⚽️Nikolas Reimus
⚽️Kamil Gabrysiak
⚽️Patryk Przebinda
⚽️Patryk Jarecki
⚽️Bartek Jerzak
⚽️Julian Gielnik
Krzysztof Kot – coach

Their rivals in the group are, among others, Germans and Belgians. Belgium in her debut a year ago was known as a strong team. And with Germany it is known how it is … everyone is running after the ball and in the end they are still winning. But … But, not with our white-and-red ones‼️ ️

See you in the stadium on Sunday‼️

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