The 8th World Cup is ahead of us!

I’d like to welcome the football family from all over the world in 2021. Although World Cup 2020 could not take place because of pandemic, we’re always with you. We were recalling how you were competing and representing your countries in the past. Many professional football players can be jealous of your competitive spirit. Over the 7 years we’ve welcomed teams from 44 countries – about 3 000 people in total.

The thing about our tournaments that I value the most is the ambience that you create. You speak different languages, have different skin colors and profess different religions but you show that the happiness coming from playing football is the most beautiful language in the world. It’s fascinating that playing football opens your hearts and that through it we can see the true beauty of yours. I know many of you talked and met with each other during tournaments before the pandemic. The pandemic will end and everything will be normal again.

Today the Olympic Committee has announced that the summer Olympics will be held in Tokyo, this is very good news. That is giving us hope that we can host the VIII World Cup. It’s a wonderful feeling – welcoming you to Poland. We’d like to greet you with your national flags at the opening of the World Cup and hear your national anthems at the final.

Our association has the word “hope” in its name. In these difficult times, hope gives us faith that the time of pandemic will end and we will meet again at the Championship. I am sure that you will show everyone how children from all over the world can create a great atmosphere. Try to organize championships in your countries as we do. We were having the XI Championship of Poland of children from Care Homes on September 12th 2020. The XII Championship of Poland are going to be held on June 19th. It’s time to awake dreams and get back to what we love. The football connects us! And at the end – I’d  like to thank for the distinction from the UEFA which we got in 2020.

“Hope for Mundial” Association was awarded with the UEFA Foundation for Children Award, which UEFA gives to about 20 European charity organizations that are involved in football and work most for the children each year. PZPN submitted “Hope for Mundial” as a candidate for the reward to UEFA and the UEFA Foundation decided to recognize many years of work of the Association for children from care homes with this reward. We are very grateful and proud!

Andrzej Lisiak
originator of Football Championship of Poland and
Football World Cup of Children from Care Homes

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