The IV Football World Cup is over!



The Fourth Football World Cup for Children from Care Homes has finished. I am convinced that it was the most successful one. Many of the teams knew each other from previous championships, and new teams were treated like family. It was shown by everyone that it does not matter where you come from, or what is the color of your skin, but what matters is mutual respect and sharing the joy of the game. At this Championship all the players played wonderful football at a professional level. The skill level of the matches was very even and the reactions of the fans suggested that everyone played great football. I am sure that many of you will go to play professionally. An example of this is Anoud Emad Yousef, who last year took part in the Third World Championship playing on the Jordanian team. This year, she could not come to Poland, because she is representing her country in national matches.
The IV Football World Cup was won by the Russian team. It all came down to a penalty shootout against the team from France. It was a great match worthy of the finals which the players will never forget. Third place went to the team from the Poland against an evenly matched Hungarian team. Many teams that were not the favourites fared very well. Teams from Thailand, Colombia and Japan will for sure impress us once again next year. In the previous sentence, I suggested that there will be a V World Championship. It will be very difficult, even next to impossible, for them not to happen since you give us so much inspiration and positive feelings to continue our work. We will do everything possible so we can meet again next year. I know you all will train very hard to win next year’s Football World Cup.
See you in a year!

Andrzej Lisiak
Founder of the Football World Cup for Children from Care Homes

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