The team list for the fourth World Cup is full

Recently we announced start of recruitment for the fourth Football World Cup of Children from Care Homes. Applications started arriving almost immediately and three weeks later we had a full list of twenty-six teams. It is a great joy for us! We see that you like what we do and want us to continue our project. It is also the best motivation and challenge at the same time that will be happy to take. Below is a list of teams that we welcome at the fourth World Cup:

  1. Estonia
  2. Hungary
  3. Serbia
  4. Slovakia
  5. Spain
  6. Netherlands
  7. Slovenia
  8. Macedonia
  9. Colombia
  10. Tunisia
  11. Thailand
  12. Belarus
  13. Japan
  14. Germany
  15. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  16. France
  17. Lithuania
  18. Ukraine
  19. Ireland
  20. Jordan
  21. Russia
  22. Pakistan
  23. Palestine
  24. Poland 1
  25. Poland 2
  26. Finland
  27. Croatia
  28. Vietnam
  29. Egypt

What’s more, we have several teams on the backup list (as you can see, the interest was really big) and therefore we are now considering the possibility of participation of more participants. As soon as we know it is doable we will immediately let you know. Meanwhile it’s time for preparations – both for us and the players. We are refining organization aspects, and the players are training to perform in July on stadiums in Warsaw. It promises to be a great World Cup!

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