Ukraine is the new World Champion!

Two days of enormous emotions, 92 matches, 401 goals and nearly 270 laughing faces of young footballers from Care Homes around the world – this is the balance of the 6th Football World Cup of Children from Care Homes, which ended on Sunday, July 29th at Warsaw Legia stadium. Players from Thailand, Russia, Jordan, Hungary, Ukraine, Portugal, Japan, Belarus, Serbia, France, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Germany, Vietnam, Estonia, Latvia, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain, Palestine, Croatia and Nepal showed up on the turf. After an incredibly fierce battle the title of World Champion 2018 was won by a team from Ukraine, who stood on the podium for the first time in the history of the Championships! Silver trophy went to the fantastic Dutch team, and the bronze medals hung around the necks of Poles who in a beautiful style defended the title of second World Vice-Champions they won a year ago.


As every year, special prizes were awarded for the most outstanding players and teams. They were received by:

Best player: Dominik Dziąbek (Poland)

Best female player: Nika Gruntar (Slovenia)

Top scorer: Youness Tounsi (Netherlands)

Best goalkeeper: Ostap-Mykhailo Diakiv (Ukraine)

The youngest player: Mike Luik (Estonia)

The most joyful player: Lulhan Ajredinov (Macedonia)

The Fair Play team: Estonia

The most joyful team: Japan

The youngest team: Estonia


Winners of Biedronka sponsorship contest:

– shooter: Artur Chubintes (Belarus)

– goalkeeper: Ostap-Mykhailo Diakiv (Ukraine)

We cannot find words to describe enormous joy that reigned in the stadium, the feeling that we all are one huge football family that celebrates the most beautiful two days in year – just see how 6th World Cup looked like on pictures (soon in our Gallery).

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