We are all waiting for the next World Championship!

After every World Championship we receive many letters from the participants. Players and coaches with great joy write about their participation in the tournament, and firmly declare that they will come for the next tournament. The memory of those two days full of great joy, new friendships, and fierce competition is in the hearts of all who had the opportunity to participate in this event. This is the world’s only event that proves that fulfilling dreams of children from care homes can really change the world. Illustrating this is a letter written to us by Satoru Morita of Japan of Social Welfare Service Corporation Fukudenkai. Her pupils made their debut in the IV World Championships and afterward he wrote:
„We deeply appreciate your invitation from HOPE FOR MUNDIAL to us so that we, the Japan team, were able to attend the tournament as “Tokyo Friends”. While we were there, we who were there for the first time and were at a loss at times were able to receive warm help and support from all of you.  Thanks to that, we were able to enjoy a very pleasant stay there.  As to the tournament itself, even though it was our children’s first participation, watching them struggle amongst children from the world without feeling diffident, we were able to feel afresh the children’s infinite possibilities. Now, we believe it is our (adult’s) mission to pass this honor to the next generation.  Further, through this event, our children were able to experience various exchanges with the children from other parts of the world.  Their knowledge about the world such as its breadth and diversity of the cultures they’ve only learnt through television or internet, they were able to relate them to reality for the first time.  This experience definitely became an irreplaceable treasure and a big hope for their future.  We look forward to seeing our children take an active part in the world in the not too far future.”


Huge thanks also to all persons, institutions, and companies that helped to organize this extraordinary event. We highly appreciate all those involved in the creation of the IV World Championship for Children from Care Homes. We hope that together we will organize the V World Championship, which will take place in the summer of 2015. We invite you all to come!


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